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‘Syrian people’s persistence paying off’ :Iran’s Minister

12 January 2016 11:47



Iran’s interior minister has emphasized that the perseverance of the Syrian nation and government in leading to positive outcomes.

Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli is paying an official two-day visit to Syria to hold talks with the Arab country’s officials.

At a meeting with the Syrian Prime Minister Wael al-Halaqi, Iran’s Rahmani Fazli asserted “even European countries have realized and admit to the real strength of the Syrian people and government although they would follow the US in general policies.”

“The need to improve relations and cooperation in all fields between Iran and Syria has been approved and emphasized by the two sides’ top authorities,” he added.

The official noted that Iran, Syria, Iraq and Yemen have common enemies particularly the US and the Zionist regime in addition to some regional countries.

“Current situations have imposed great costs against the Islamic World in terms of economic, human, facilities and infrastructures,” underlined Rahmani Fazli stressing “meanwhile, we have gained a better understanding of friends and enemies realizing the need for integration and unity in the Islamic world.”

He maintained that countries who were seeking the collapse of the Syrian government have currently surrendered to conducting negotiations; “both politically and religiously, Iran feels committed to support the people and government of Syria.”

He urged the Syrians to be prepared for reconstruction of their country expressing Iran’s readiness to take part in the process.

“Another benefit of the recent wars has been unification of Shias and Sunnis,” underlined the official adding “however, the enemies mainly seek to cause dispute among Muslims in their own interests.”

Rahmani Fazli further warned against the conspiracies of defeated enemies like the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia following their internal challenges.

Syria’s Prime Minister Wael al-Halaqi, for his part, highlighted the good relations between Iran and Syria since the emergence of the Islamic Revolution; “these relations are deep-rooted being increasingly developed and expanded.”

“The victory of Syria against terrorist marks the victory of all friends including Iran and Russia,” noted al-Halaqi adding “only Syrians can reach a political solution to the crisis and foreign interference remains as the only obstacle to the termination of war.”

The Syrian official expressed satisfaction towards boosting Tehran-Damascus ties in political, economic, military and scientific areas adding “the 5-year-old crisis has destroyed Syria’s infrastructures while we have managed to survive with the help of the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as other alliances.”

“The positions and supports of Iran over the past five years would always remain in the memory of the Syrian nation,” he maintained.

Al-Halaqi further noted that Saudi war policies against Syria, Yemen and Iraq as well as their diplomatic war against Iran have all failed.

“Saudi Arabia’s continuing provocative policies against Muslim countries aiming to help the Zionists and Takfiri terrorists have brought the Arab country closer to the brink of collapse,” he stated.

The official went on to add that “eleven thousand armed forces have surrendered and resumed their normal lives while some countries like Saudi Arabia have been stonewalling the policy of national reconciliation in Syria.”

“Certain media like Al-Arabiya and Al-Jazeera news network have attempted to present false images of the conditions of Syrian people,” emphasized the al-Halaqi asserting “the Syrian government has provided its people with humanitarian need where necessary.”

The Syrian prime minister also pointed to the ongoing efforts to reach a political solution to the crisis through negotiation and dialogue expressing his government’s readiness to take part in the Geneva meeting to be held in late January, 2016.

He deemed the trip of Iran’s interior minister to Syria as an important factor in reaching more close relations between Tehran and Damascus expressing hope that the two sides will take advantage of the capacities emerged as a result of the visit.

Rahmani Fazli has traveled to Damascus on Monday at the invitation of his Syrian counterpart Major General Mohammad al-Shaar.

The visit is aimed at discussing ways to improve Tehran-Damascus relations and implement an already signed agreement between the two sides.

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