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Tarnished image of Islam and Takfir, biggest Muslim world issues

12 January 2016 7:27


Zuhairi Misrawi, renowned Sunni author, in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) on the sideline of the 29th Islamic Unity Conference highlighting the misrepresented image of Islam as number one issue of Muslim world.

He said the world of Islam is facing several challenges at present but what has to be prioritized as the most important issue is the wrong image of Islam due to the bombings and killings committed by ISIS across Islamic states like Egypt, Tunisia, Syria and Iraq and recently dragging into non-Muslim countries like France.

Calling the criminals behind Muslim world crimes as “infidels”, he called for more knowledge on Islam and also more information on extremist terrorist groups like ISIS.

When asked on the ways that ISIS is ruining the image of Islam, Zuhairi Misrawi blamed the extremist group for the war they have launched across the world of Islam in an attempt to conduct their evil acts of killing and undermining the popularity of Muslims across the globe.

He urged for confrontation with Takfiri ideology and destruction of their hubs.

According to the Indonesian author the Zionist regime and the US are making the best of the present wars.

Misrawi was asked on the way the Islamic Unity Conference can contribute to presentation of the peaceful image of Islam to which he stressed unity among all Muslims as the most important factor.
He noted, ”We need unity, brotherhood and better understanding of Islam in an attempt to give e better image of the holy religion to non Muslims and make the world understand Islam is not synonymous with ISIS.”

A graduate of Al Azhar University hailed the great Iranian civilization expressing thanks for Islamic Republic of Iran holding annual Islamic Unity Conference.

Prominent author called for closer ties between Iran as a major Islamic power and Indonesia with the largest Muslim nation saying that Islamic solidarity has to be spread

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