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Hezbollah Denounces Terrorist Attacks in Turkey, Iraq

13 January 2016 7:38


Hezbollah condemned on Tuesday the continuous terrorist attacks which strike the Arab and Muslim cities and claim dozens of innocent victims, the latest of which targeted Istanbul and Baghdad.

In a statement, the party offered condolences to the victims’ families, hoping speedy recovery for the injured.

The statement considered that terrorism which strikes everywhere without restrictions requires that all the states, organizations and members cooperate to confront its peril as it threatens the whole world, not a specific group.

Hezbollah considered that confronting terrorism requires directing all the efforts towards eradicating it, instead of causing side crises which scramble this endeavor and allow the terrorist groups to expand.

Hezbollah added that fighting terrorism cannot be through denouncing who confronts it in Syria, “while who deserves condemnation is who funds and supports the terrorist groups militarily and politically and, consequently holds, the direct and indirect responsibility for its heinous acts.”

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