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Yemeni Forces Intensify Reprisal Attacks against zionist servant Saudi Regime



The Yemeni army and popular committees launched artillery attacks on a Saudi position in the Southwestern province of Jizan on Wednesday.

The Yemeni forces fired artillery shells on al-Mubakharah position in al-Tuwal in Jizan province, setting fire to the position.

On Sunday, the Yemeni army and popular forces conducted several missile and artillery attacks against Saudi Arabia’s key military bases in Jizan and Najran, inflicting heavy losses on the kingdom’s positions.

“Yemen’s missile and artillery units crushed the positions of the Saudi-US enemy in Najran and Jizan,” military sources told FNA on Sunday.

The Yemeni forces’ artillery fire also targeted Maqal al-Said site in Jizan which set fire to several military vehicles.

Also in Najran, the missile units of the Yemeni army and popular forces smashed Nahouqah military site with a number of Katyusha rockets.

Meantime, a military source said that several Saudi mercenaries have been held captive by the Yemeni army in Jizan, South of Saudi Arabia.

“The army forces, supported by the popular committees, held captive 6 Saudi mercenaries in al-Mafsaq region in Jizan,” the source added.

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