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Inhuman zionist Al-Baghdadi Declares 3-Day Mourning for ISIL’s Big Loss in Ramadi

14 January 2016 19:32



Ringleader of the ISIL terrorist group Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi announced a three-day mourning period in the wake of the death of at least 237 of the group’s members in the Western parts of Ramadi in Iraq.

“Al-Baghdadi has ordered three days of mourning for the death of ISIL members in Barwana battles since they have sustained heavy damage in these battles,” informed sources told Soumeriya news on Thursday.

Based on the report, during the battles in Barwana region, over 237 ISIL members were killed and tens of their vehicles were seized by the Iraqi army.

The Iraqi army forces, supported by aerial attacks, killed hundreds of terrorists who were still showing resistance in government-controlled areas in the Western parts of Ramadi in recent days.

“The Iraqi forces, supported by the air force and artillery units, targeted several ISIL positions in Haditha town and Barwana region in Western Ramadi,” a security source said.

“Over 250 ISIL terrorists were killed and 100 vehicles of the terrorist group were also destroyed in the attacks,” the source added.

Ramadi was occupied by the ISIL, an organization outlawed in many countries including Russia, in May.

The Iraqi army announced last week that it had regained full control over the Western Iraqi city.

The Iraqi army and volunteer forces (Hashd al-Shaabi) continue mop-up operations to clean the remaining pockets of the terrorists in Ramadi after taking control of the central parts of the city and defeating the ISIL Takfiri terrorists.

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