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Tens of Militants Forced to Surrender Following Syrian Army’s Huge Victories

14 January 2016 19:10


Tens of wanted militants turned themselves in to the Syrian authorities as government troops continue to gain ground across the Arab country.

Some 42 wanted militants from Damascus, Damascus countryside, Tartous, Quneitra and
Dara’a turned themselves in to the authorities on Thursday.

During the recent months, hundreds of militants have given up fight after the Syrian army troops, the National Defense Forces (NDF) and Hezbollah fighters, backed by Syrian and Russian air forces, started making significant advances and recaptured more towns and villages across the country.

In Late December, some 117 wanted persons from Homs province and 40 from the provinces of Damascus and Hama turned themselves in to the Syrian authorities.

Meanwhile, 86 wanted militants from Damascus province and Aleppo also gave up fight to be pardoned.

The Syrian army and its allies have purged Takfiri terrorists from hundreds of square kilometers of land in the Syrian provinces in the past months.

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