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ISIL Militants Withdrawing from Northern Part of Aleppo Province

16 January 2016 12:21


The Syrian government forces’ recent advances in the Eastern and Northeastern parts of Aleppo province and the heavy bombardments carried out by the Syrian warplanes have forced the militant groups to start pulling back fighters to evade more casualties, provincial sources said Saturday.

“The ISIL militants, who have witnessed the heavy attacks of the Syrian army troops and the National Defense Forces (NDF), backed up by the country’s fighter jets, and the collapse of their defense lines near the city of al-Bab and the village of Nadef, have started to withdraw from parts of the Southern battlefields of the mentioned city and village,” the sources said.



The Syrian army and its allies have recently advanced against the militants in the Eastern and Northeastern parts of Aleppo province, not very far from al-Bab battlefield.

On Friday, the militant groups withdrew from more territories in the Eastern part of Aleppo province under the heavy offensive of the Syrian Army and its popular allies.

“The Syrian Army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) established full control over al-Aboudiyeh village, Southeast of Ein al-Beida village, and al-Ajouziyeh village in the Eastern countryside of Aleppo,” the army said.

“Meanwhile, the government forces targeted hideouts and gatherings of the ISIL terrorists in al-Bab, Arran, Tal Beijan, Qiter, al-Mifilseh and Wadia in the Eastern countryside of Aleppo province,” the army further added.

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