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Sheikh Nimr execution spread hatred of Al Saud among Sunni Muslims

16 January 2016 12:34


Grand Ayatollah Mohsen Araki, Secretary General of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought in an interview with Iranian Mehr News Agency related on execution of Shiekh Nimr, objectives of Al Saud and also the repercussions of the move taken by Saudi government, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He referred to wide popularity of Sheikh Al Nimr due to piety and brevity of the Saudi Shia cleric in expressing his opposition with tyrants and said,” The late cleric’s brevity was so popular that transcended the Shia scholar not only among the Shia but also among Sunni community.”

He noted that the announcing the news on execution of Sheikh Al Nimr spread provoked tyrants Saudi government among Sunni Muslims and different Saudi ethnic groups with different denominations.

According to the Iranian cleric, new wave of crackdown and oppression by Saudi rulers has escalated the suffocating ambiance to the verge of pushing Shia, Sunni and other religious groups to rise.

“Martyrdom of Sheikh Nimr revealed the hypocrisy of Al Saud and its policy to cover its wide crimes and corruption.” noted Ayatollah Araki and added,”One of the most important measures by Al Saud was to send the oppressed outcry of the Saudi people to the world and reveal the true criminal face of Saudi government.” vowing that the world should be expecting a wave of anti-Saudi views which will block previous oppressions and hypocrisy by the Saudi government.

Iranian scholar stated that the Saudi government which was claimant of determining the fate for the whole region is finding itself in a state of no influence on regional countries and its policies against the people in Yemen, Iraq and Syria have failed.

He noted,” People in the region have more support for their leaders and regional rulers should know that they are not mightier than Saddam, former Iraqi dictator, who was internationally supported though he ended in a situation that even western countries took an opposite stance against him.” and vowed Al Saud rulers will not have a better fate than that of Saddam Hussein.

Secretary General of the world Forum stressed that an inaccurate reading of Islamic unity has been formed by world arrogant powers since the time of late Imam Khomeini (RA), who was fully aware of an American version of Islam.

The religious figure said,” Since then late Imam Khomeini (RA) was aware that the US was trying to stand against true Islam though creating new movements under the name of Islam.”

Ayatollah Araki warned, “America and Britain might be in pursuit of distancing the people from Islam in different ways dividing the holy religion into Shia and Sunni and claim that Shia and Sunni are in contrast with each other or pop up a so-called jurisprudent for their own version of Islam but the Islamic community will isolate them.”

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