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Syria: Thousands of Fresh Recruits Joining Army in Aleppo

16 January 2016 22:29



A senior officer within the Syrian Army ranks announced on Saturday that thousands of well-trained new recruits from at least four provinces have moved to Aleppo province to join the pro-government forces’ protection-combat missions in the Northern province.

“With the large territories the Syrian army and its allies have captured inside the Aleppo province’s Eastern part in the last three months; it would require a substantial amount of military personnel to protect the roads and villages in order for the Syrian Arab Army to progress further along the ISIL frontier,” the army officer said.

“The Syrian army troops and their allies are on the move in the Aleppo province’s Eastern part, capturing several villages that were once under the control of the ISIL inside the al-Bab Plateau and the Deir Hafer Plains,” the source said.

“A fresh batch of recruits that just graduated from training camp in the Qalamoun Mountains (al-Nabk and Deir al-Attiyah) have been deployed to this front in order to fulfill the army’s recent manpower quota,” the officer went on to say.

The source further added that the aggregated number of military personnel is in the thousands.

“Most of these conscripted soldiers are from the Syrian capital of Damascus, as well as the Syrian provinces of Quneitra, Sweida, and Homs,” the officer pointed out.

“The arrival of these reinforcements should free up several soldiers from the Tiger Forces and Liwaa Suqour Al-Sahra (Desert Hawks Brigade) that are currently tasked with protecting the captured villages,” he added.

On Friday, the Syrian army won control of a new strategic region from the ISIL in Aleppo as part of its continued advance in the Northern province.

The army units regained full control of Rasm al-Sirhan farms in fierce clashes with the ISIL Takfiri terrorists in the Eastern part of Aleppo province.

Battlefield reports said at least a dozen ISIL militants were killed and dozens more were injured in clashes over Rasm al-Sirhan farms.

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