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Yemeni Forces devastate the Saudi Army

17 January 2016 9:09


The Saudi Royal Army has not fared well against the Houthis and the Yemeni Army’s Republican Guard inside Saudi Arabia’s southern countryside; this has become evident with their lack of progress in the Jizan Region and the cities of Najran and Al-Rabou’ah.

On Saturday morning, the situation did not get any better for the Saudi Royal Army, as they were devastated by the Houthis and Republican Guard forces at the cities of Al-Rabou’ah and Najran.

It was the Saudi Army that launched the attacks on Al-Rabou’ah and Najran; and it was the Saudi Army that also retreated after suffering heavy casualties as a result of their poor positions and lack of battle discipline.

According to a Yemeni source, the Saudi Royal Army suffered just over 20 casualties during their failed counter-offensive against the Houthis and Republican Guard forces.

Making matters worse, the Houthis and the Republican Guard forces confiscated a large cache of weapons, ammunition, and armory from the Saudi Royal Army after they fled the battle for safer quarters.

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