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Baghdad audiences break into applause for ‘Muhammad’

18 January 2016 7:13


The first screening of ‘Muhammad: The Messenger of God’ in a Middle Eastern city, Baghdad, on Saturday was accompanied by the audiences’ applause.

 The award-winning director of Iran’s most expensive film ever Majid Majidi condemned the critics who banned the film even without watching it.
He said that the flick is the result of seven years of hard work by Iran and the world’s best cineastes, adding that two complete years was spent on comprehensive studies by Shia and Sunni scholars on the Holy Prophet’s life.
The image of Islam as is currently depicted in the West is not the proper one, rather Islam is a religion of friendship and kindness.
‘Cultural activity is most influential in changing the world’s attitude toward Islam. Today we are in dire need of unity among Muslims.’
Majidi who was present at the screening said that the film was really welcomed by the audience who applauded in several scenes and also burst into tears.
Organized by Iran’s Cultural Center in Baghdad and Iraqi Ministry of Culture, the premiere was attended by Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, Iran’s Ambassador Hassan Danaiefar and other prominent religious and cultural figures.
Majidi also elaborated on the number of films made about prophets and said that 200, 120 and 42 films were made on Jesus Christ, Moses and Buddha respectively. This is while only one film was made on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which was ‘The Message’ by Moustapha Akkad.
Officials of Iraqi Ministry of Culture officially expressed their appreciation for Majidi at the end of the screening.
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