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Iran to unveil new missile achievements: Defense Min.

18 January 2016 13:49



Defense Minister Bri. Gen. Dehghan said on Mon. slapping sanctions on Iran will have no impact on the country’s development of missile industry and new missile achievements will be unveiled.

The remarks by Brigadier General Hossein Dehghan came in response to the fresh sanctions imposed by the US Treasury Department on 11 companies and individuals for helping to supply Iran’s ballistic missile program.

“Any attempts to impose new sanctions under irrelevant pretext is indicative of the continuation of US hostile policies and its enmity against the Iranian nation as well as its futile attempts at rendering weak Iran’s defense might,” said Dehghan, while stressing that such policies will not help the security, stability and peace in the region.

“The Islamic Republic’s missile industry is completely domestic, relying on the country’s own knowledge, expertise and infrastructure in the defense industry,” said Dehghani.

The defense minister went on to add that the Islamic Republic will expand defense cooperation with neighboring and other countries across the world to help sustain peace and security, and combat all elements of insecurity, particularly the unrestrained terrorism that has endangered the lives of all the population throughout the world.

In a statement issued by the Foreign Minsitry on Monday, Iran stressed that it will respond to US propaganda stunts and aggressive measures by pursuing its lawful missile program more vehemnetly and promoting its defense capabilities and national security.

The statement further maintains that the US sanctions against Iran’s ballistic missile program have no legal or moral legitimacy.

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