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Obama pledges to bring back missing ex-FBI agent

18 January 2016 10:07


US President Barack Obama has promised to find the missing former FBI agent, Robert Levinson, and return him to his family.

Levinson, 67, reportedly went missing during a visit to Iran’s southern Kish Island in March 2007 and his whereabouts have remained unknown ever since. There are different reports about the aim of his trip with some saying the man, who had become a private detective, was reportedly investigating cigarette counterfeiting in the region. Others said he was on a business trip.

Back in 2010, a video was sent to the Levinsons, reportedly showing the man demanding help for his release. Also in early 2011, some of his images were emailed to the family.

American officials have dismissed US media reports in 2013 that Levinson was on a spying mission for the CIA.

This is while Iranian authorities had also promised help to determine the fate of the missing US national.

On Saturday, Iran released five Iranian-American prisoners as part of a prisoner exchange agreement with the US.

The United States in return freed seven Iranians held in US prisons.

A day after Iran’s release, Obama said, “Even as we rejoice in the safe return of others, we will never forget about Bob (Robert Levinson).”

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