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Syria: Terrorist Groups Retreating from Northern Lattakia

18 January 2016 13:35



The Syrian Army and popular forces continued to push the militant groups back from more territories in the Northern parts of Lattakia province and won back two more villages after hours of fierce clashes, the army announced Monday.

“The Syrian army troops and the National Defense Forces stormed the militant concentration centers near the villages of Ra’as al-Qazal and Ra’as al-Kabir and drove them back from the battlefield after inflicting a heavy death toll on the terrorists,” the army said.

The Syrian army and its allies have had very good records of rapid victories against the militant groups in Lattakia province in the recent weeks.

On Sunday, the Syrian forces pushed back the militants from more villages and heights following hours of heavy clashes.

“The militant groups withdrew forces from the villages of al-Skriyeh and al-Kandisiyeh and Jabal al-Khanadiq after their defense lines came under massive attacks of the Syrian army,” the army said.

“The militants sustained a heavy death toll in the attacks,” the army added.

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