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“#10yearblockade” marks decade of Terrorist israeli blockade on Gaza


The National Movement Committee for Breaking the Siege and Reconstruction has launched an electronic campaign under the hashtag “#10yearblockade” to mark the 10 anniversary of Israel’s inhumane blockade on the Gaza Strip.

The committee on Monday invited all social media activists to participate in this campaign through remembering and highlighting the crimes and violations which Israel has been committing for 10 years against about two million Palestinians living under tight siege.

Immediately after the launch of the campaign, some participants underlined the steadfastness of the Gazans in the face of the blockade and some others recalled the achievements of the Palestinian resistance, which fought three wars during a decade of siege.

Other participants also called for activating the efforts to break the blockade and ending the humanitarian suffering of the Gaza population.

After the victory of the Hamas Movement in the 2006 legislative elections, the Israeli occupation state has imposed an aerial, sea and land blockade on the Gaza Strip as mass punishment against its population.

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