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Congenital relation between Shiite, Sunni in Qeshm

21 January 2016 13:40


Qeshm Governor Ezzat Kamal Zadeh Abbasi in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) on the sideline of the 29th international Islamic Unity conference mounted recently in Iran Capital counted the International Islamic Unity Conference as an obvious symbol of rapprochement among denominations.

“Islamic Unity Conference is the symbol of our takes, principles and rapprochement in our countries,” said the political face stressing undoubtedly globalizing the idea favors the World of Islam.

“At least 50 percent of people in this southern city are of Sunnis and despite of their disciplined rules for women, they cooperate well with a Shia governor and get along well with me in posing the problems and offering solutions,” pointed out Ezzat Kamal Zadeh Abbasi.

Beckoned to congenital relation between Shiite and Sunnis and standing amity among Muslims in the province, ‍Gheshm Governor underlined, “we mount various seminars and meetings with cooperation of Shiite and Sunni people.

By unity Muslims do not mean that all denominations’ takes mingle or that their religious principles are tarnished. By boosting rapprochement, religious clerics mean Muslims should be even-tempered in facing different takes and thoughts.

Muslims should behave with each other magnanimously, having genteel mien toward each other. With this connection, according to Ezzat Kamal Zadeh Abbasi, “holding gatherings like Islamic Unity Conference can advance our objectives and provide us with the way to forward the set objectives in this area.”

29th Islamic Unity Conference with the theme of “Present Crises of Muslim World and Ways to End Them” was held on December 27-29 December, 2015, concurrent with the birthday anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), dubbed as Islamic Unity Week.

The event with more than 600 scholars from Iran and across the world of Islam in attendance, began its three-day work with the opening speech delivered by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani maintained by other speeches gave by participants from other Islamic states and also 14 sideline committees discussing the current issues of Muslim World.

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