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It’s entertainment, not elections in US says Paul

21 January 2016 6:45



Former US congressman Ron Paul says it is “realistic” that Donald Trump will be the Republican Party’s nominee for president, because the US election system is not fair.

“If I had a limited sum of money that I thought was a sure bet, I probably wouldn’t invest a whole lot,” the father of Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul said in an interview on Wednesday.

“All this talk for this last year and a half — there hasn’t even been a vote cast yet, it’s all been done by polling,” which Paul said is “generally rigged.”

“They pick people, they boost them up. It’s entertainment,” the former Republican presidential candidate noted. “And Trump really fit into that quite well.”

Last week, seven Republican presidential candidates participated in a debate hosted by Fox Business Network in North Charleston, South Carolina.

Senator Rand Paul was excluded from the main event, but was included in the GOP undercard debate, which he boycotted.

In response, Rand Paul said that he deserved a spot on the main stage, and that without him the party has been deprived of a unique perspective.

Commenting on the exclusion of his son from the GOP debate, Paul said that the system is not fair.

Talking about his Rand’s chance at the presidency, Paul said, “I think he may well surprise everybody,” adding that “he has good organization and caucus states are different.”


New York billionaire Trump is maintaining his national lead over the crowded GOP field in the race for the party’s nomination, according to a new poll.

The Monmouth University national survey, released on Wednesday, found that Trump is leading the race with 36 percent national support.

Trailing behind Trump was Texas Senator Ted Cruz who stood at a distant second with 17 percent, marking a 3-point gain since the last poll.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio ranked in the third with 11 percent support, followed by retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush at 8 and 5 percent support respectively.

The rest of the candidates, including Rand Paul, failed to score more than three percent support in the poll.

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