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Gov’t Forces Capture More Heights, Villages North of Syria’s Lattakia

22 January 2016 18:48


The Syrian Army announced minutes ago that its soldiers and their popular allies drove the militant groups back from more territories in the mountainous regions of the coastal province of Lattakia after hours of heavy fighting.

“The militant groups withdrew from al-Kalouksi mountains, Katf al-Qamou’a, the villages of al-Qanimeh, al-Qalaye’a, Beit Seker, al-Owyenat and Khan al-Jouz after the Syrian army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) stormed their positions in the Northern part of Lattakia province,” the army said.

“The Syrian army also retook full control over Tal al-Harb al-Electronia in the province,” the army added.

“The militant groups left behind scores of the dead and injured members and fled the battlefields,” the army went on to say.

Sources said earlier today that the Syrian army alongside popular forces pushed the militant groups back from more territories in the Northern part of Lattakia province, and established full control over more mountains.

“The Syrian army, the NDF and other popular fighters imposed full control over the Baradoun Mountains (Jabal Baradoun) after a heavy battle with al-Nusra Front and the Free Syrian Army (FSA),” the army said.

“Following the capture of the Baradoun Mountains, the Syrian army troops and their allies captured the Baradoun Dam after the militants abandoned their posts to evade more casualties as a result of the Russian fighter jets’ attacks that were lurking around Jabal al-Turkmen (Turkmen Mountains),” the army added.

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