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Syrian Army Continues to Hunt Militants across Damascus Province

22 January 2016 18:47


The Syrian Army troops inflicted large casualties on terrorist groups in their continued offensives in the Eastern and Western parts of Damascus province.

“The ISIL defense lines in Easter Qalamoun were massively raided by the Syrian army men,” the army said, adding, “The attack ended in the killing and injuring of many terrorists.”

“The army also engaged in fire battle with the militant groups in Harasta al-Qantara in Eastern Ghouta, which left many of the terrorists dead and injured,” the army added.

Sources said earlier today that the Syrian army and the National Defense Forces (NDF) repelled an almost large-scale offensive of the ISIL terrorist group North of the capital.

“Earlier this morning, the ISIL launched an assault on the Syrian army’s checkpoints along the Qalamoun-Sadad Road; however, these attacks were eventually repelled by the Syrian soldiers and the NDF,” the army said.

“The primary target for the ISIL was this aforementioned roadway because if, they would be able to flank the Syrian Armed Forces between this vast desert landscape that ultimately leads to the Iraqi province of al-‘Anbar.

“It is actually one of the most important battles taking place in the Western part of the country,” the army said.

Should the ISIL take control of the Qalamoun-Sadad Road, the terrorist group would be in position to strike the Syrian capital of Damascus too.

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