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Hamas slams Abbas for comparing between Palestinian and Israeli blood

23 January 2016 15:45


The Hamas Movement has condemned Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas for likening the blood of Israeli killers to the blood of Palestinian martyrs, describing his remarks in this regard as “disastrous.”

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri called Abbas’s comparison between the Palestinian and Israeli blood “a treacherous stab in the back of the Palestinian intifada (uprising) and tampering with the Palestinian people’s fate and national cause.”

Abu Zuhri demanded all Palestinian political forces to state their positions on such serious national decline.

He also said that Abbas’s stated positions on his security cooperation with the occupation would never represent the Palestinian people, stressing that the intifada would continue until it achieved its objectives.

In another context, the Hamas Movement deplored the burning of pictures belonging to some Arab and Palestinian figures by angry young protesters in Rafah area, south of Gaza, on Friday.

Hamas stated that such behavior did not reflect the Palestinian people’s morals, stressing that the popular indignation over the economic situation in Gaza does not give anyone the right to insult any Arab or Palestinian figure.

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