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Iran Signals to Purchase 500 Commercial Aircraft

24 January 2016 11:23



Chairman of Iran Civil Aviation Organization (IAIO) said the country needs at least 500 commercial aircraft over the next 10 years to serve its expansion, of which 300 should be long-range wide-body twin-engine jet airliners.

Speaking at the Iran Aviation Conference 2016 here in the Iranian capital on Sunday, Ali Abedzadeh said the country expects in short term to acquire as many as 150 new commercial jet aircraft with 250 seats, and that such an overhaul would bring its fleet closer to international standards.

According to the official, the national aviation industry is semi-official, while grounds are being paved to fully privatize the sector in the near future, as this will drive increased operational efficiencies.

He further said the aviation industry is cost-effective and it makes economic sense for international leasing companies to invest in Iran.

“The IAIO is willing to ink cooperation agreements with foreign firms to modernize the fleet. The organization welcomes foreign direct investment to serve its expansion,” he added.

Tehran has become a hot destination for foreign delegations, jockeying for position ahead of the lucrative new market opening for business. The nuclear agreement explicitly prioritizes the sale of commercial passenger aircraft and related parts and services to Iran, with Airbus and Boeing poised to rebuild the fleet and secure an enormous payday.

The IAIO acts as a policy maker and coordinator to promote an indigenous Iranian aeronautical industry by providing and assisting the Iranian aircraft industries with needed technologies, knowledge and parts.

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