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No space for Daesh among Indian Muslims

24 January 2016 8:38


Seyyed Ali Shah Geelani, leader of Hurriyat conference in Kashmir, issued a statement saying that had the Daesh terrorist group been true Muslims they would have struggled for freedom of Al Aqsa Mosque rather than killing their religious brothers, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He noted the crimes committed by Daesh to the interests of the Zionist regime and stressed, ”Palestinians have been suffering torture, looting and atrocities of the Zionist regime for more than six decades.”

According to the Indian political figure, crimes committed by Daesh terrorist group fuel the war in Islamic states and wide damages to the lives of Muslims across the world.

“There is no room for Daesh terrorist group among Indian Muslims.” Seyyed Ali Shah Geelani stressed and referred to the news on penetration of the terrorist group into Kashmir stressing,” Spread of the news on penetration of Daesh is a move to stigmatize Kashmiri movement.”

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