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Syrian Army, Popular forces Seize Back Several Villages in Northern Lattakia

24 January 2016 11:26




The Syrian Army, supported by popular forces managed to seize back full control over a number of villages and their surrounding regions in Lattakia’s Northern countryside.

Pro-government groups played a significant role in supporting the Syrian Army in the course of the operation, conducted during past 24 hours, to free villages of Hilwa al-Gharbiya, Hilwa al-Sharqiya, Beit Arab, Beit Ablaq and Tal Asholan, along with all the hills surrounding them.

Pushing back Takfiri terrorists to retreat from villages and surrounding areas, in the course of the operation, Syrian Army units and popular forces killed tens of them and injured several more.

As a wind up to the significant operation, pro-government forces destroyed the terrorists’ fortified positions, weapons and munitions. The army’s engineering units combed and purged the areas, dismantling explosive devices and landmines left behind by militants.

Also on Sunday, the Syrian Army and popular forces drove the militant groups back from al-Kalouksi mountains, Katf al-Qamou’a region and the villages of al-Qanimeh, al-Qalaye’a, Beit Seker, al-Owyenat and Khan al-Jouz in the Northeast of Lattakia province.

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