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Syrian Army Foils ISIL Attack into Strategic Town in Deir Ezzur

25 January 2016 13:34



The Syrian army foiled several attempts by the ISIL terrorists to capture the hilltops overlooking the coastal area of Baqaliyeh town in Deir Ezzur province, inflicting heavy losses on the militants.

Scores of ISIL militants were killed and many more were wounded in several hours of fierce clashes with the Syrian army.

Meanwhile, a suicide bomber who was trying to attack the Syrian army’s military positions in Deir Ezzur province was killed as he crossed a minefield only 200 meters away from his target.

On Saturday, the Syrian fighter jets targeted the ISIL centers heavily near at least six villages in Deir Ezzur province.

The ISIL suffered a heavy death toll as a result of the Syrian warplane’s strikes near the villages of Ayyash, al-Janineh, al-Hassan, al-Baqaliyeh, Shaqra and Mhimideh.

The air attacks also damaged a number of the ISIL military vehicles.

Also on Friday, the Syrian fighter jets hit the ISIL’s defense lines across Deir Ezzur, leaving tens of the terrorists dead or wounded.

“The ISIL strongholds near the villages of al-Jaba’a and al-Jenineh were massively bombed by the Syrian warplanes, which claimed the lives of many terrorists and wounded many others,” the army announced.

“The Syrian air fleet also targeted the ISIL sites near the neighborhoods of al-Baqaliyeh, al-Sina’ah and workers as well as the village of Ayyash in the Western countryside of the city of Deir Ezzur,” the army further added.

“Scores of the ISIL militants were killed or injured in the air attacks near the Eastern city,” the army went on to say.

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