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Yemeni forces capture key supply route to Saudi town

27 January 2016 7:17


Yemeni forces reportedly took control of the key supply route in the border-town of Al-Khubah, along with several Saudi military posts after their recent military operation in Saudi Arabia’s Jizan region.

According to a source from Al-Masirah News who wished to remain anonymous, a Yemeni Army officer stated that the Republican Guard, in coordination with the People’s Committee, have gained control of the main supply line in the border town of Al-Khubah after heavy clashes which led to dozens of Saudi-led Coalition forces being killed and injured.

Subsequently, Yemeni forces also took control of several Saudi military posts which connect the northern border of Al-Khubah and the nearby town of Shabakah.

The source stated that an artillery division from the Yemeni Army targeted a number of Saudi military posts at Qaze Camp, Umm Mushabah, Abu Madd, Shirqan, and Jahfan.

Artillery shelling also intensified in the Mulhima vicinity.

Additionally, there was a high casualty count among the Saudi troops after Yemeni forces ambushed several Saudi military convoys near Mulhima’s supply road in the Jizan region.

At least two armoured vehicles were destroyed using IED materials that were planted along the road.

It is noteworthy that these operations comes within days of the Yemeni forces first escalation steps of strategic options against the Saudi-led Coalition.

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