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Hamas: There is no timeframe for al-Quds intifada

28 January 2016 19:02


Director of Hamas’s international relations Osama Hamdan has said that al-Quds intifada (uprising) has exceeded all timescales set by the occupation to end it.

In press remarks, Hamdan stated that the current intifada had offered so many martyrs, who sacrificed their lives for the holy sites.

“The most important idea in this uprising that it has shattered the belief that there is a vincible Palestinian generation because the occupation wagered on breaking the will of the Palestinian generations,” the Hamas official said.

He also slammed the recent remarks made by Palestinian Authority intelligence director Majed Faraj about his security collaboration with the Israeli occupation and described it as “shameful.”

Hamdan also criticized president Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) for his meeting with mothers and families of Israeli settlers and soldiers killed in martyrdom or resistance attacks.

“Abu Mazen has mourned his people’s killers, while we did not hear that he or his authority conducted meetings with the families of al-intifada martyrs,” he said.

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