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Iranian Embassy in Sana’a Attacked by Saudi Warplanes for Second Time in January

28 January 2016 14:04



The Saudi fighter jets launched rocket attacks against the districts near Iran’s embassy in the Yemeni capital which damaged the mission’s building.

Al-Najm al-Thaqib news website reported that shrapnels of the rocket attack hit building of the Iranian mission and left some damages.

This is the second time that the Iranian embassy has been attacked by the Saudi airstrikes in the current month. The Saudi warplanes launched rocket attacks against the mission on January 6.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hossein Jaber Ansari condemned the Saudi warplanes’ January 6 airstrike on Iran’s embassy in the Yemeni capital which injured the mission’s guards.

“The Saudi government’s conscious and deliberate measure violates all the international conventions and legal regulations for protecting the security and safety of diplomatic places in all situations and the Saudi government should account for this measure and compensate for the damages to the (embassy) building and injuries inflicted on a number of embassy staff,” Jaberi Ansari said a day later.

He underlined that it is obvious that the Islamic Republic of Iran considers itself entitled to pursue the issue.

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