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Syrian Army’s Tunnel Attack Destroys Militants’ Headquarters in Jobar

28 January 2016 19:09


The Syrian army used a tunnel to attack and destroy the terrorists’ stronghold in Eastern Ghouta, Damascus on Thursday.

The Syrian Arab Army’s Brigade 105 of the Republican Guard carried out a devastating tunnel attack on Jaish al-Islam terrorist group’s headquarters in the city of Jobar, resulting in the complete destruction of this large building located near the Tayba Mosque.

The army announced on Wednesday that scores of militants were killed or wounded in the Syrian Army and Air Forces’ offensives across Eastern and Western Ghouta in Damascus province.

“The Syrian fighter jets, in a fresh round of combat sorties, targeted the militant groups’ defense lines near the town of Douma in Eastern Ghouta, which left several terrorists dead and several more wounded,” the army said.

“In the meantime, the Syrian army’s artillery units shelled the terrorist groups’ strongholds in Jobar, Zamalka and Douma in Eastern Ghouta and Darayya in Western Ghouta, which ended in the killing or wounding of tens of the militants,” the army went on to say.

“Also, the Syrian army raided the militant groups’ centers in al-Bilaliyeh in Eastern Ghouta and destroyed their military hardware in large scale,” the army said.

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