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Top Hezbollah official urges Muslims to fight for Al-Aqsa

28 January 2016 7:04


The Deputy Secretary General of Hezbollah emphasized on significance of Al-Aqsa and invited all Muslims to fight against crimes of Israel till liberation of Al-Aqsa.
Sheikh Naim Qaseem, the Deputy Secretary General of Hezbollah emphasized on the significance of Al-Aqsa Mosque in his interview with the Center of Supervision on Mosques Affairs and said: the first Kiblah of Islam is full of virtue and its tens of centuries antiquity shows the significance of this mosque.He pointed to felonies of Zionist Regime of Israel and said: Al-Aqsa is one of the holiest Islamic sites as far as many thinkers recognize it as the third holy Islamic site after Kaaba and the Grand Prophet’s mosque in Medina.

Sheikh Naim Qaseem introduced destruction of Al-Aqsa as the final goal of Israel and asserted: creation of Israel has been just for demolition of our beliefs, values and all political regimes of Middle East region.

He asked all Muslims to be committed to resolve the issue of Al-Aqsa as the first Kiblah of Muslims and said: we, the soldiers of Hezbollah have aimed fight against Israel till liberation of the occupied lands by demolition of Israel. We invite all Islamic movements and Muslims to join us in this holy war.

“Al-Aqsa is not just owned by Arabs but this the common debate of all Muslims”, Sheikh Naim Qaseem asserted.

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