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Pro-Hadi Commander, Terrorists Killed in zionist Saudi Jets’ Friendly Airstrike in Ma’rib Province

1 February 2016 11:02



Saudi warplanes hit the positions of their allied forces in Southern Yemen, and killed a large number of militants loyal to fugitive former President Mansour Hadi, including a senior commander, in what has come to be known as “routine” shooting and bombing of friendly troops by Saudi forces.

Senior pro-Hadi commander Mubarak Raqib was among scores of militias killed in the Saudi fighter jets’ air raid on their positions in Mafraq al-Jawf region in the Western part of Ma’rib province on Saturday night, the Arabic-language media quoted eyewitnesses as saying.

In a similar incident on December 30, tens of pro-Hadi militias were killed in the Saudi fighter jets’ air raid on their positions in the town of Sabr al-Mavadem in Ta’iz province in Southern Yemen.

Also on November 17, the Saudi warplanes killed scores of militias loyal to Mansour Hadi.

Also on October 18, the Saudi fighter jets killed 30 pro-Hadi militants in Ta’iz province.

Also on August 10, the Saudi fighter jets killed 20 other friendly militias from pro-Hadi militant groups.

In a similar incident on July 28, Saudi Arabia killed 15 pro-Hadi militants. Saudi fighter jets conducted airstrikes on hills overlooking the al-Anad air base near the city of al-Houta, located about 30 kilometers (20 miles) from the strategic Southern port city of Aden, leaving 15 militants dead and at least 40 others wounded.

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