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‘Simorgh’ carrier, ‘Emad’ ballistic missile on display in Feb. 11 rally

9 February 2016 21:12



Iran’s Defense Ministry has announced it will street-show its carrier rocket ‘Simorgh’ and its ballistic missile ‘Emad’ on February 11 amid the public parade.

Defense Ministry’s defense promotions office statement said that these two ‘important achievements’ in aerospace and missile industries were the epitomes of ‘self-sufficiency,’ ‘defying sanctions,’ and ‘the national will’ of people who now “celebrate 37th dawn of their successful Revolution with glory.”

‘Simorgh’ two-stage orbital carrier rocket is part of the program defined for Iran’s aerospace grand scheme by Defense Ministry’s Aerospace Industries Organization. It uses a liquid propeller, is equipped to carry a 100-kilogram satellite 500 kilometers into orbit with an orbital tilt of 55 degrees.

‘Emad’ ballistic missile, fully designed and developed by indigenous expertise of the Defense Ministry Aerospace Industries Organization is the first long-range missile, is programmable and controllable up to hitting target, and would destroy targets with high precision.

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