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Syrian Army Wins Back Strategic Heights in Aleppo Countryside

12 February 2016 18:49



The Syrian army and popular forces seized back two strategic heights in Aleppo province in Northern Syria on Friday.

The army units regained full control of Zahra al-Qara’a and Zahra al-Qandila key heights in the Southwestern part of Al-Zahra town in the Northern parts of Aleppo province today.

The Zahra al-Qara’a and Zahra al-Qandila heights overlook al-Tamoura village in Northern Aleppo.

In a relevant development on Thursday, the Kurdish fighters of People’s Protection Units, supported by Syrian and Russian air backup, recaptured a strategic military airbase in Northern Aleppo province.

The Kurdish militias in a concentrated operation, backed by joint Russian and Syrian air cover, managed to establish full control over the Menagh Air base, 6 kilometers South of Ezaz town in Aleppo province, and restored total security to the strategic facility.

Early this week, Kurdish fighters in a similar concerted action managed to win back a military base north of Aleppo and several other sites in the region formerly held by the terrorists.

During the intensive ground offensive, the mainly Kurdish force, helped by joint Russian and Syrian jets, liberated Military Base 55 in Northern Aleppo, consolidating the anti-militant pool’s grip on newly emancipated Aleppo-Ezaz road, which was the main supply route of militants in northern Syria’s territories near Turkish border.

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