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Syrian Army Smashes ISIL Centers in Homs

13 February 2016 16:24



The Syrian Army troops hit the ISIL concentration centers Southeast of Homs province, while the Russian air fleet launched heavy airstrikes on terrorists’ defense lines in the same region.

Scores of the ISIL terrorists were killed or wounded under the heavy offensive of the Syrian army men near the ancient Assyrian town of Quaryatayn.

In the meantime, the Russian fighter jets carried out several combat flights over the ISIL defense lines near Quaryatayn and the ancient city of Palmyra (Tadmur), which not only claimed the lives of several terrorists but also pave the way for the easier ground operations against the militants.

Reports said earlier today that the Russian air force pounded the military positions and gathering centers of the terrorists in Hoboub al-Reih and al-Dar al-Kabir regions in the Northern parts of Homs province.

Meantime, the Syrian fighter jets destroyed the gathering centers and military positions of the militants in Tir Ma’ala in Homs province.

Also, the Syrian army’s artillery units pounded the terrorists’ military positions in Rastan and al-Qantou towns as well as the villages of al-Sa’an al-Aswad and al-Zafarana in Homs.

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