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Terrorists Fleeing to Turkey as Syrian Army Advances in Lattakia Province

16 February 2016 20:50


A large number of Takfiri terrorists are trying to cross the border into Turkey after losing vast territories and tens of their comrades in a massive offensive of the Syrian Army troops and popular forces in the Northern parts of Lattakia province.

The terrorist groups sustained major losses in the battlefronts as the Syrian army and its allies are hunting them down in the Northern territories of Lattakia province.

Tens of terrorists have been killed and dozens more have been injured in heavy clashes with the Syrian troops in Northern Aleppo in the recent weeks as the army conducted massive assaults to win back more villages and towns in the region.

The Syrian government forces have had eye-catching victories in Lattakia in the recent weeks.

Earlier today, the Syrian Army and National Defense Forces (NDF) managed to liberate more areas in the Northern regions of Lattakia province from militants’ grip, military sources said on Tuesday.

According to the sources in the region, the pro-government forces, keeping on their advances against the terrorists’ positions forced them to retreat from the village of Shalaf, establishing control over the village located in the Southwestern part of Kinsibba in the Northern parts of Lattakia province.

During the operation, the pro-government forces also captured a local ancient castle on the strategic hills overlooking the Shalaf village as militants sustained heavy casualties and their military hardware was destroyed by the Syrian soldiers and their allies.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Syrian Army and their popular allies liberated more areas in Northern Lattakia, including two major towns.

The sources on the ground said the progress by the Syrian army forces made as they aim to push their way into the city of Kinsibba and regaining the control of the key city in rugged areas of Lattakia province.

Meanwhile, informed sources said the Syrian Army’s artillery units pounded militants’ positions in the two cities of Kinsibba and Bdama in Northern areas of Lattakia, inflicting heavy losses on the militants in the towns.

In a recent development in the Northern province, the Syrian Air Force carried out several combat flights over the terrorist groups’ concentration centers in the Northern territories of Lattakia province and targeted them heavily

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