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Syrian Army Seizes Another Ammo Cargo of Militants in Sweida

17 February 2016 22:44



– Syrian army soldiers, tipped off by intelligence agents on Wednesday, ambushed a vehicle fully laden with mines and artillery shells on a road in the western part of Sweida province and seized its illegal cargo, military sources said.

Military sources said the seizure of the cargo was made on a road in the western part of Sweida province as the vehicle carrying the ammunition from Dara’a for the militants lurking in the Syrian desert was successfully tracked and stopped by the Syrian army soldiers in Sweida province.

The sources added that the seized shipment included 246 anti-tank mines and artillery shells and the operation went on smoothly without any significant incident.

Earlier this week, Syrian army units seized several trucks of terrorist groups that were fully loaded with arms and ammunition in the Western part of Sweida province.

The trucks seized by the Syrian army were loaded with rocket, artillery and mortar shells, light ammunition, rifle bullets and a large number of grenades.

The Southern province of Sweida, bordering Jordan, has been one of the spots for the infiltration of foreign terrorists and smuggling of arms cargoes to the militant groups.

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