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Top commander: Iran Intelligence systems ‘well connected, coordinated’

17 February 2016 21:03



IRGC commander-in-chief has said a ‘good level of coordination’ is now seen among intelligence organizations of the system.

Mohammad Ali Jafari was quoted by Sepah News speaking in the coordination meeting of the intelligence bodies of the system on Wednesday, saying that there had been a good level of coordination among different intelligence bodies; “coordinating different bodies which have different functions and roles is easy; however, this is not the case for intelligence bodies with virtually the same functions and scope of activities. During the War the coordination was excellent between IRGC and the Army,” he told the meeting.

“In the post-War era, there was a good level of coordination and harmony among the IRGC, Police, and Ministry of Intelligence in controlling civilian unrest in cities; in unrest of 1998 and post-Election unrest of 2009 as well, there was a good level of cooperation among these forces,” Jafari emphasized, which he believed, helped in management of the situation.

“The priority however is defense, military, intelligence threats, and cyber war, and cultural invasion of the enemies; these threats entails a high level of coordination which is immaculate and impeccable. Now the most important field is threat of infiltration in culture and politics by the enemy,” he told the meeting. “The infiltration in the ranks and files of the system by enemy’s operatives would exploit intelligence holes in the whole body of intelligence in countering Revolutionary ideals and upholding liberalist sentiments.”

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