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Syrian armed forces cause casualties to terrorists

18 February 2016 18:35


The Syrian Armed forces caused more than 100 dead persons and a similar number of injured men to terrorist groups in seven combat fronts in the whole country, according to military sources.

In Aleppo, frontier northern province with Turkey, there got together bombings of the aviation and attacks for ground against positions of the ISIL in the localities of Al Bab, Jab Jabsheh, Eibed, Souram, Such an Alam, Deir Qaq and To The Zaalaneh.

This combined offensive provoked the death of 70 terrorists and hurt to other 80, in addition to the destruction of artilled vehicles, fortifications and refuges, according to the reports of last hours.

Meanwhile, in the central regions of Hama, Homs and Idleb attacks were concentrated against effectives of the group Jaish al Fateh on Kafr Zita, Rayan and Nabuda with a number of falls of seven dead persons and more half a dozen of injured men.

Especially in Hama, the aviation liquidated artilled vehicles and secret storages with weapon and ammunitions, and caused 10 dead persons and a score of injured men between elements of the ISIL.

Towards the south, in the provinces of Damascus, Daraa and Sweida the offensive of the Army liquidated transport vehicles and more than a dozen of members of the groups Liwah al Islam and the ISIL, among others, were beaten.

In Lattakia, almost completely controlled by the governmental forces, which used remote-control ground-to-ground rockets that ended with no less than a dozen of terrorists in the region mountain passes.

Both television and web sites of the Syrian armed forces, pictures showed the effectiveness of such Russian-made weapons and which have been equipped with special units of the army.

A score of trucks with humanitarian assistance entered several Syrian localities on Wednesday, between them that of Moadamiyeh, the closeness of Damascus, coordinated between the authorities and the Red Half Moon.

In accordance with representatives of the Government, the International Red Cross and the Red Half moon, between others, the shipment includes food, winter articles and medicines for the hospital of this locality.

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