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Taking the cognizance of ethical codes is a must

18 February 2016 18:30



Religious jurisprudent Ayatollah Jaffer Subhani underscored the prime importance of ethical behavior and code of ethics in the society stressing, “ethical behavior is highly important,” reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

“Given that, it is incumbent upon us to build our behavior based on as such principles, because  holy Muhammad Prophet (PBUH) had also emphasized on ethical behaviors,” pointed out the grand Ayatollah urging Muslims to abide by moral and ethical codes.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the renowned religious cleric of Iran lectured those turning a blind eye to humane ordinances and principles demanding them to follow God Almighty’s commands.

According to Ayatollah Jaffer Subhani, Ignoring the Islamic rules would lead to decaying moral values in the society, laying the way for enemies to advance their willful objectives against Muslim nations.

He went on to highlight, “we should make it a practice to make it a practice to form our behavior based on religious principles and Quranic teachings, since Islam Prophet (PBUH) had also emphasized on ethical behavior.”

Beckoned to the benefits of following austere way of life, the grand Ayatollah urged Muslims to refrain from hedonism and luxurious lifestyle.

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