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Terrorists Sustain Heavy Casualties in Eastern Ghouta

18 February 2016 17:44



The Takfiri militants sustained heavy casualties and huge damage on their hardware during the clashes that flared as the Syrian army was trying to push them back from more areas in the Eastern Districts of the capital city of Damascus, military sources said on Thursday.

“The terrorists retreated from vast areas after sustaining heavy casualties in fierce clashes with the Syrian army in Jobar Town in the Eastern part of capital,” the sources said.

The Syrian army also annihilated more militants in fierce clashes that flared in the fields around the town of al-Marj in Eastern Ghouta, and injured dozens more, they added.

Also in Eastern Ghouta, Syrian warplanes inflicted heavy loss and damage on the Takfiri terrorists across the city of Darayya.

Also on Thursday, the Syrian artillery units targeted militants’ positions and center points in the city of al-Marj and Irbin in Eastern Ghouta, Killing dozens of militants and destroying their military hardware including a number of vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns.

On Wednesday, the army stormed one of the bases of the militants in the village and inflicted major losses on the militants’ military hardware.

Several militants were killed and three of them were also captured in the army’s offensive in Harra al-Dayerani region on the axis o al-Fusoul al-Rabe’ah (four seasons) region near Darayya in Western Ghouta.

In relevant developments in Western Ghouta, the Syrian army troops stormed the militant groups’ strongholds there and pushed the terrorist back from more lands in the region.

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