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20 Terrorists Killed in One Spot in Hama in Clashes with Syrian Army

19 February 2016 16:40



Twenty terrorists were killed and many more were wounded after their attack on one of the centers of the government forces in the Northwestern part of Hama was repelled by the Syrian Army troops.

The militants stormed the government forces’ strongholds in al-Ghab plain near Qarqour region, and tried to break through the army’s lines of defense, but the government forces put them under heavy fire and pushed them back from the battlefield.

At least 20 terrorists were killed in the failed attack.

On Thursday, the terrorist groups in the countryside of Hama city were ambushed by the Syrian army troops, that claimed the lives of over 17 militants and wounded many others.

17 terrorists were killed and dozens of others wounded in the Northern parts of Kharbat al-Naqous village in al-Ghab Plain when they came under the Syrian forces’ attack today.

The Syrian army started its ambush with blowing up a number of explosive devices stashed by terrorists in the area.

It targeted other militants who were fleeing the battlefield with rockets.

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