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Family: al-Qeiq could die at any moment

19 February 2016 7:21



Mohamed al-Qeiq’s wife Fayha Shalash made an urgent appeal on behalf of her husband who is “gravely ill and could die at any time after 86 days on hunger strike.” Muhammad al-Qeiq, a 33-year-old father of two, has refused food since Nov. 25, 2015 to protest his detention without charge or trial by Israel. Speaking during a press conference in Nablus, Fayha said the family won’t object to the notion of transferring al-Qeiq to al-Makasid Hospital in occupied Jerusalem for treatment. She added that her husband has refused to take salt or minerals and is only drinking water, maintaining to continue his strike until he is released.

Mohamed al-Qeiq’s wife said her husband continues to suffer from spasms of acute chest pain twice or more a day adding that doctors have warned that he could die of a heart attack as a result of his ongoing hunger strike.

“Muhammad is fighting for his freedom,” Fayha says in the brief English-language video, “He is on hunger strike because he wants to be free.” “We appeal to free people in the world who can help us to put pressure on the Israeli government and let Mohamed free,” Fayha says. She pointed out that although the Israeli higher court suspended al-Qeiq’s administrative detention on 4 February, but he effectively remains a prisoner as his appeal to be moved to a Palestinian hospital was refused.

Mohamed al-Qeiq’s wife hailed the popular support for her husband’s case, calling for increasing solidarity events throughout the country. Meanwhile, lawyer of the PA committee for prisoners’ affairs Hanan Khatib, who visited al-Qeiq in Afula hospital, said that his health situation developed serious, signaling a possible fatal heart attack. She noted that al-Qeiq continued to suffer from crushing pain in the chest and left hand, spasms in his legs and speaking difficulty. A total of 650 Palestinians including 16 journalists are held in Israeli administrative detention without charge or trial in total violation to the international law.

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