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Iraqi tribesmen clash with Daesh terrorists in Fallujah

19 February 2016 15:07


Local Iraqi tribesmen clashed Friday with the Daesh Takfiri terrorists in Fallujah, a city considered a stronghold of the militants.

Officials said fighters from various tribes clashed with the terrorists, known as al-Hisba, who are responsible for enforcing the religious strictures Daesh seeks to impose in Fallujah, west of the capital, Baghdad.

Iraq’s al-Sumaria News quoted a source in Anbar Province as saying that scores of tribesmen gained control of several areas in the Jolan district in northern Fallujah. However, the Iraqi Interior Ministry said in a statement that the terrorists later recaptured the areas tribesmen had seized. The report added the tribesmen clashed with the terrorists after they attacked and insulted a woman at a market in the center of the city because she did not wear gloves.

The Iraqi news network also quoted the governor of Fallujah, Saadon Ebeid al-Shaalan, as saying that the tribesmen took control of the northern and southern areas of the city and that clashes were still ongoing.

Shaalan said the terrorists are fleeing to the center of the city following heavy losses and causalities.

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