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Bahrain prisoners complain about torture, mistreatment

20 February 2016 20:28


Bahraini prisoners held at the notorious Dry Dock pre-trial detention center have complained about being tortured and forced to imitate animal sounds.

The detainees at the prison located on the island of Muharraq, northeast of the capital, Manama, said that they are tortured when being taken to solitary confinement, Bahraini media reported on Saturday.

According to the prisoners, they are humiliated and insulted, forced to make animal sounds, adding that they cannot know the names of officers or policemen that torture them because they remove their name tags.

They also complained about the lack of “simplest necessary medications” at the detention center and said they are denied rest as officers force them to sleep early and then raid their rooms in the middle of the night under the pretext of searching.

The inmates said there are prisoners who have been kept in the center for long periods of time without trials and pointed to harsh sentences which have been handed down to youths under 18.

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