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Latest News: Syrian Army Cleans Ground from zionist servant ISIS Terrorists in 4 Sides of Country

20 February 2016 10:42

VIDEO: Syrian Army Cleans Ground from ISIS Terrorists in 4 Sides of Country


The Syrian Army continued counter-terrorism operations across the country, eliminating terrorists from ISIS and confiscating a shipment of weapons, SANA reported.

In Deir Ezzor, army units destroyed two car bombs for ISIS terrorists before they managed to reach military posts on the outskirts of al-Bgheiliyeh village in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor province.

Other army units destroyed an ISIS convoy of vehicles, some of which equipped with heavy machineguns, on the road linking al-Jneineh with Mheimida in the province’s countryside.

The army fired artillery shells at several hideouts and gatherings of ISIS terrorists in al-Bgheiliyeh, Ayash, al-Husseiniyeh and al-Jneineh. Sites, vehicles and weapons for the terrorists were destroyed in the process.

In Sweida Syrian army unit, in cooperation with authorities, seized on Friday morning a vehicle loaded with large amounts of weapons and ammunition in the southern countryside of Sweida.

The vehicle was coming from the eastern countryside of Daraa and was bound for the terrorist organizations in the eastern desert (Badyia).

A source in the province told SANA reporter that the weapons were hidden in a fuel tank inside the vehicle and included shells and RPG shells of different kinds.

A major offensive against militant groups has been launched by the Syrian Army and the popular Forces in Northeastern Lattakia province, after liberating Kinsibba and their goal is to advance into neighboring Idlib Province.

In Hasaka, Clans fighters and popular defense forces established control over al-Shadadi city 60 km south of Hasaka city after entering the city and engaging in violent clashes with ISIS terrorists who were positioned in it, killing many of the terrorists and sending dozens more fleeing, leaving their weapons and munitions behind.

In Homs, Army units eliminated hotbeds of ISIS terrorists and destroyed their fortified positions in the Muthalath (triangle) area, around Shaer village, Tuloul al-Soud, east of Thanyet and Rajmeh, and al-Hayyal Mountain east of Homs city.

The source also said that in the province’s northern countryside, other army units eliminated two terrorist groups following a series of concentrated strikes on their fortified positions in the direction of Jaboureen and Saqiyet al-Assi, and in Beit Mansour hill, destroying the terrorists’ weapons and equipment.

In Hasaka , The town of al-Shadadi comes under siege by the Kurdish forces after they took full control of a large number of villages there, informed sources announced.

“The Kurdish fighters captured ten villages, including Zahra Olia, Zahra Sofla and Um Hojra villages just three kilometers from al-Shadadi towns,” the sources said, FNA reported Friday.

Assisted by the Syrian army – that has along with popular forces and Hezbollah conquered almost all militant-held regions in Eastern, Southern, Western and Northwestern Aleppo province – and Russian air support, the Kurdish forces fighting against the terrorists in North-Northeast Aleppo province have been making striking advances against the Al-Nusra, Ahrar al-Sham and ISIL terrorists in February.

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