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Lebanese prayer leaders warn: Arabism plan aims confrontation with Iran

20 February 2016 9:11

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Lebanon Friday prayer leaders stressed necessity of vigilance in national and regional changes, highlighted importance of national unity and also warned against Turkey regional policies.
Ayatollah Afif Nablosi, Friday prayer leader of Sidon slammed the extremist policies of Turkey warning that the plague of war will spread to both neighboring countries and within the country too, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).He referred to the efforts of Turkey to expand crisis in Syria imagining that it can realize the dream of Ottoman Emperor and said,” There was a time that Ottoman Emperor imposed its rule on the Arab countries though we will not let that happen again.”

Lebanese cleric slammed Turkey for supporting and arming terrorists, passing them through Turkey to Syria, looting Syrian assets and collapsing the ancient heritages in the country noting that,” Turkish government behavior is in contrast with claims by Premier that the country does not intend to trouble neighboring countries because not only it has brought big issues for other countries but also it has troubled some world countries to the point that there are words on outbreak of third world war.”

Ayatollah Sheikh Abdul Amir Kabalan, deputy of the Shia Supreme Council, in his weekly sermon stressed Arab and Islamic regions are plagued by clashes and disagreements portraying the area as a prey to feed greedy colonial powers.

He called Muslims and Arab nations to unite based on the holy book of Islam and said,” Qur’an is the resource for all Muslims, a book which invites all to unity and forgetting dispersion.”

He also demanded Iran and Saudi Arabia to start talks for solving regional issues saying,” These problems have engulfed the region and threat it with a phantom of dispersion and disintegration and pending quagmire of catastrophic chaos which will drown Arabic and Islamic countries.”

Sheikh Maher Hamoud, Sunni prayer leader of Al Quds Mosque in Sidon noted,” We are hearing an illogical cries of “We are Arab” as if someone is in ambush to rob us of our Arab identity. It then announces that the move aims at uniting all agents against Persian-Iranian threat or a Shia threat.”

He added,” It should  be noted that calls for Arabism is in full contrast with Islamic principle that the holy religion says Arab is not prioritized over non-Arab since the only principle for ascendance is piety.”

Sheikh Maher Hamoud addressed some extremist Arabs who propose Arabism in confrontation with Iran and said,” Here I ask these extremists that why should your ethnicity is stirred against Iran who backs Palestine and the resistance but it does not move you against Turks who have destroyed Syria and support Daesh?”

He said,” What is the principle for Arabism? Is there anything from the Arab identity of a country which cries out its incapability against the Zionist regime and reconciles with illegal regime of Israel out of weakness?”

Seyyed Ali Fadhl Allah, prayer leader of Imamain Hassanain in Beirut, stressed necessity of efforts to maintain unity in confrontation with disintegrating projects.

He noted each regional and international territory is harassed in a battle front and it is natural that Zionist enemies will try to enter the clashes.

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