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Terrorists Admit Casualties in Clashes in Southern Syria

21 February 2016 15:08



The terrorist groups operating in Syria’s Southern provinces admitted on Sunday that they have lost many of their fellow militants, including a number of their senior leaders, during the Syrian army operations in recent days.

The terrorist groups acknowledged on their social media that 18 members of different groups who were fighting with them were killed in the Syrian Army attacks over the past three days in Quneitra and Daraa provinces, among them were some top military commanders.

The news on the militants’ loss is circulating as the Syrian Army and its allies are making major advances against the terrorist groups in the Southern province and pushing back the militants from more regions across the bordering provinces.

In a recent development,  the Syrian Army troops and the National Defense Forces (NDF) repelled the militant groups’ offensive on government forces’ defense lines in Dara’a and inflicted a heavy death toll on the terrorists.

The militants, who had broken through the defense lines of government forces in  Tal Qrein near the town of al-Sanameen, failed to advance in the battlefront after the Syrian army and the NDF opened heavy fire at them.

The militants left behind tens of dead or wounded members and fled the battlefield.

In relevant developments in the Southern battlefield of the country on Thursday, the terrorist groups sustained a growing number of losses in the Syrian army’s ground and air assaults across Dara’a province.

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