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Assad Wants to ‘Save Syria’ in 10 Years

22 February 2016 7:57



Syrian President Bashar Assad said on Saturday in 10 years he wants to be seen as a person who had saved Syria.

The prospect of a truce in Syria resurfaced on Saturday after a source in the opposition group formed after talks in Moscow and Cairo told RIA Novosti that Russia and the United States had prepared a document on the “cessation of hostilities” to take effect after its approval.

“The most important thing is how I see my country, because I am part of my country. Therefore, in 10 years I want to have been able to save Syria,” Assad said in an interview with Spain’s El Pais daily.

Asked to clarify whether he planned to remain in power over the next decade, Assad said “I do not care about my presence in power.”

“For me, if the Syrian people want me in power, then I will be; and if not, then I will not. If I cannot help my country, then I must leave immediately.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and State Secretary John Kerry later explained the “modalities for a cessation of hostilities” have not yet been agreed on.

The latest decision follows a series of meetings among stakeholders to the Syrian conflict, including the February 11 International Syria Support Group (ISSG) that adopted a communique calling for a cessation hostilities and swift humanitarian access to all besieged areas.

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