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Islamic management, new field to be taught in seminaries

22 February 2016 7:38



“The council for development of Qom Islamic seminary approved adding the Islamic management to the courses being taught presently in seminaries, seminary students who are in the third year of their course are eligible to study this major,” The vice director of research in Islamic seminaries said.

Hojjat-al-Islam Sayyed Ali Emad added,” Islamic management is one of the fields which have been approved by the council for development of Islamic seminaries to be taught in seminary schools in near future. There will be three majors including, Islamic management, Research management as well as cultural management.”

He went on, “basic and common syllabus materials for this field have already been designed, also the special learning materials have been assigned to respected secretary offices to be designed and planned. Presenting the materials to the related committees and their final investigation is going to be the first issue to be discussed and approved in the council for development of Qom Islamic seminaries,” reported Hawzah.

Hojjat-al-Islam Emad maintained, the main reason to establish the above-mentioned field in Islamic seminaries is to train and supply professional human resources necessary for educational, research and cultural management in seminaries as well as the country.

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