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‘US companies seek to enter Iranian petrochemical sector’

23 February 2016 10:56


A deputy to the Iranian petroleum minister says American companies are in line to participate in Iran’s petrochemical industry.

Managing Director of the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) Marzieh Shah-Daei said Monday that in addition to European firms, US companies await to invest in the sector, IRNA reported.

“Up until now, we’ve had very good negotiations with European companies…On top of attracting investment, our goal is the transfer of latest technologies” to Iran’s petrochemical production plants, said the NPC chief.

“In addition to the Europeans, reputable American companies are in line for participation in the industry,” the official news agency quoted Shah-Daei as saying without specifying the companies.

The report said the official announcement was the first of its kind about US firms seeking involvement in the country’s petrochemical sector.

The Iranian petroleum minister said last month that the country’s petrochemicals exports have soared over the past years resting now at over 20 billion dollars.

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