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Zionist Regime israeli razing of Palestinian homes dramatically up

23 February 2016 10:33


Zionist Regime has increased by more than five times the rate at which it tears down Palestinian homes in the occupied West Bank’s biggest administrative division.

According to the daily Ha’aretz, Tel Aviv was now demolishing 49 Palestinian residences in so-called Area C every week, compared to nine in 2015.

The demolitions have rendered more than 480 Palestinians, including 220 children, homeless so far this year, it added.

As many as 104 European-funded homes have been razed to the ground in 2016, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has reported, saying the rate almost equaled that for the entire 2015.

Area C covers 360,000 hectares (890,000 acres) of land, equal to 60 percent of the West Bank’s area. An estimated 298,000 Palestinians are living in the area, together with 341,000 Israelis in 135 settlements and about 100 outposts.

Zionist Regime has earmarked less than one percent of the terrain for Palestinian development, in comparison with 70 percent to its construction of illegal settlements.

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